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There's no sterile life, intoxication is a feature.

Ancient peoples still exist pulling strings yet far away in the collective unconscious - our spiritualism and madness is their doing.

What can we do, how does one cope; well, there are many superficial answers floating around. What threatens us must be defined more-so, and in a more appropriate language which may accommodate our dreams - for there is no strictly conscious solution... Know and collect symbols that may relay a desirable direction in whatever future you come to perceive, for example: christ is a symbol of salvation. Many look to christ for a safety of sorts, and often does it affect them deeply, so much so that they dream of christ and his return. This is an important mechanism to understand, as it alludes to how symbols ultimately rule us. Symbols act as a mediator between your conscious and unconscious, it becomes like building a bridge. To maintain one's soul and its use, dream, its native region, has to be explored. Simply put: try to control what you dream about, but don't hide from what causes you distress; for it is as important to recognize our enemies as it is our allies. It says better of you that you are struggling than that you are simply pulled in by the tide.

I'd always recommend looking into neuro linguistic programming, which can teach us to arrange our introspective theatre in healthier fashion, https://youtu.be/qcnjuJliu-k ~ Also, I remember reading psycho-cybernetics by Maltz sometime ago, I believe this predates NLP. https://youtu.be/0eV1X6PR1-w

Depression is sustained by the fear of challenging our internal dialogue. One acquires vision by inquiring inwards, the wilderness in our mind should be mapped.

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